Polly's Tea Room 

Polly's Tea Room

Closed until September 2022


We are happy to invite you all to take tea with us.

Pollys Tea Room hosts full afternoon tea party events monthly.

Sorry, but we will be hibernating until September - tea party dates to be announced in August. All reservations will be made through our automated system.

We are not open daily. We host a Tea party once a month, which are events, not just tea. These dates are available for individuals or small groups to book seats/tables to join in the fun. We will be seating up to 36 guests at each party. 

If you wish to gather your friends and family, for birthday parties, corporate meetings, ladies who do lunch groups or to celebrate anniversaries, you can host a       private tea party for $46.95**              for parties of 26 or more.  

We offer Traditional English afternoon tea: comprising soup, homemade scones, quiche, sandwiches, pastries, tasty cakes, and teas, a variety of teas, plus sparkling wine.

Once registered we invite you to arrive at 2.45 pm to tour any open suites and view the tropical gardens and pool area.                   

We sit for Tea at Three, with the    Last Pour at Four 

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Come enjoy tea with us I was born in London and am loving sharing my English traditions.


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What people are saying?

"We had a great time; the food was delicious and the hospitality over the top. Mary and the two girls were very pleasant and accommodating and made the afternoon special. The little game was fun and we got to meet new women at our table and had lovely conversation. It was a very pleasant afternoon and we would recommend Polly's to our friends." - Carol